Research Projects


Network Analysis of Neuro-Cognitive Processes: Studying McGurk Effect using EEG Data

Advisors: Dr. Arpan Banerjee, Dr. Ganesh Bagler, Dr. Dipanjan Roy   [Link]

The research work involved understanding multi-sensory perception involving auditory and visual cues using the McGurk effect. My focus in this research was to understand the network properties of the brain using EEG data obtained from multiple subjects.


Network Analysis of Food-Disease Associations

Advisor: Dr. Ganesh Bagler   [Link]

The focus of this research was to use clustering analysis to infer how different food and disease categories relate to each other. We created signed bipartite graphs using mined food-disease associations data and found clusters using Bi-Louvain algorithm.


BCQ4DCA: Budget Constrained Deep Q-Network for Dynamic Campaign Allocation in Computational Advertising

TCS Research and Innovation   [Link]

We developed a deep reinforcement learning model for dynamic optimization of budget-constrained campaign allocation.